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Tired of looking at them old brown dried dead tree limbs in your yard ? Call 727-254-2933 Today!

We Do Yard Waste Removal So You Don’t Have To

We know how hard you work to make your yard look its best. Let us help you finish the job with effortless yard waste disposal:

  • Reliable removal of downed tree limbs, leaves, and landscape debris.
  • Dependable pickup to keep your yard looking clean.
  • Flexible collection scheduling so you don’t have to wait on FEMA or your local government.

Discarding Yard & Wood Waste

Curbside Pickup of Yard and Wood Waste

Call to set up a date and time so that we can come out and remove your unwanted down tree limbs or wood waste from your curb .

Here are the guidelines for curbside pickup:

  • Call to set a date and get pick up pricing ($50 and up)
  • No more than 4  30-gallon  bags worth of trash
  • Use your own cans, boxes, bags or other containers to store your yard waste
  • Each container cannot exceed 50 pounds
  • Limbs and branches must be less than 4 feet long and 6 inches in diameter . We provide cutting services for a small fee.
  • Yard waste must be bundled, neatly stacked, or placed in a yard waste container
  • Yard waste must be placed within 10 feet of the curb

Items Accepted*

  • Down tree limbs
  • Brush
  • Leaves
  • Tree trimmings
  • Shrub trimmings
  • Untreated wood

*This is not a complete list of what is accepted. If you have questions, call (727) 254-2933


Fees are usually pre-quoted via a flyer , however by texting a image of your waste we can quote you via text. Most removal will only be $50.00 . Your fee is to be paid at or before the time of removal.  For those wishing to pay be credit card we can send you a paypal invoice .

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